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Date Registered: 09-2005
Location: Wishart Queensland
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Recovery Bali style

Whilst in Bali recently for my honeymoon, we took a tour of the local rubber, cocoa, coconut and other assorted crop plantations and had lunch on a hill overlooking the Indian ocean and the west coast of Bali.

All great stuff but when we went for a drive through the national park after lunch we got run off the road and the driver got the car stuck in a hole. He wouldn't listen to my directions or couldn't understand my english and ended up hard up against a tree with nowhere to move but straight forward and the ground was muddy so we was right royally stuck.

Luckily there was another tour group nearby with a couple of Landcruisers (I think) who came to the rescue. What happened then had to be seen to be believed. After much yelling and carrying on between them, in Balanese of course so it seemed like they were yelling at each other, they decided to pull it out using a straight tow strap. No one had heard of safety first it seems.

Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Needless to say, Vicky and I stepped waaaaayyyyy back out of the firing line of the strap and Yes, lucky for everyone, that is a sidchrome!


Jamie & Vicky - X112(c)

(old) Black 2005, Auto ST-X, (Series 2)
(new) 2011 Series 4 T31 T1 (CVT Auto) Diamond Black
(2nd car) 92 Pajero (old but tuff) Red

Black Thunda is the name, splashin' around is the game!
17/Jun/2008, 11:40 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message
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Date Registered: 09-2008
Location: Gippsland
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Re: Recovery Bali style

Lol I have seen much worse, but it was a case of neccesity at the time. Options were at a premium.

X-Trail Ti T30 series II, 2004,
16" Cobalt rims, Alutech front strut bar,
ARB Nudge Bar (2X 100W lamps), Extreme limits bash plates, Roof Rack Mod (With 4 X 55W fog - Separately switched!). (30mm Lift kit from Suzukisuper)
17/Oct/2008, 9:18 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message


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