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Date Registered: 10-2005
Location: Orange. NSW.
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X-trail desert recovery

 For those intending to drive The Simpson, or even Lavis Lane at Stockton, this video is an excellent training tool in the fine skill of vehicle recovery. emoticon NOT !!!!!!!!!


Recovery Tunisian style:
Method 1: Find 20 people in the desert to rock your vehicle until you get sea-sick.
Method 2: Find the shortest piece of fishing line to join both vehicles in a makeshift snatchstrap.
Method 3: Continually look under the vehicle and point at how much sand is under there.
Method 4: Once clear of the bog, stop the vehicle in even softer sand.
Method 5: Listen to the voice inside your head and once eventually clear of the bog, forget your passengers and just keep driving.

Australian method:
Method 1: Lower tyre pressures.
Method 2: Grab a shovel and dig your way out.
Method 2: Use approved recovery gear.

At least they improvised and thought to use the car mats as traction aids. But a shovel and snatch strap would have been a lot easier. emoticon

BRETT72 - X235

15/Jan/2008, 7:34 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message MSN
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Date Registered: 08-2005
Location: Sydney
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Re: X-trail desert recovery

Might have helped if they put it in 4WD as well, just the front wheels were spinning!

- Adam (MY04 Titanium Ti-L)
Full Hi-Tech exhaust,Koni shocks,Whiteline rear s/bar,front strut bar,K&N filter,eyelids,Pioneer DVD+iPod+Veh Dynamics+rear view camera
16/Jan/2008, 9:08 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message


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