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Date Registered: 12-2007
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t31 head unit

Hi, I am a new member to the X-trail forum and to the world of owning an xtrail. I am in the most part happy with my xtrail, however, I do find that the factory stereo seems to lose the bass after the volume goes above 20, to me it sounds like an AM radio. This is more prevalent when it is playing the radio, as it is a lot quieter than when the CD is playing, however, is still noticeable when the CD is on, but is not a big issue there, as it is quite loud and clear. The sound is clear, but the volume (oomph) is not there....

I have taken it back to the dealer, but they told me that it was comparable to one in pre delivery and there was nothing they could see/hear as being an issue. I have contacted Nissan and they have told me to go the dealer and listen to other xtrail stereos to see if there is any difference, if there is then it might be a warranty item and they will fix it, if not then it is just the way it is meant to be.

I have read, in other postings, that an upgrade of the aerial on the t30 models generally fixed the issue, has anyone tried it on the t31? (I do realise that it was only released in Australia in October).

I have also noticed that the reversing lights have condensation in them, which I will be getting the dealer to fix, as it might just be an issue on my car.

Other than those items, I find it to be very nice to drive and am happy with my decision.

If anyone else has any issues with the stereo, please let me know as I am interested to see if it is just my car, or the standard of the stereo installed.



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