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Date Registered: 01-2007
Location: Melbourne, VIC, Oz
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Portable 12v power packs, Jump starters

These type of setups seem like a very handy and practical addition to the spare wheel well.

Who uses one of these and what for ?
What unit did you buy and why ?
What should we look for regarding output ?

Any thoughts ?

Gotta Pop-Top
Now I've got an EXy
2005 ST II White Auto.
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Date Registered: 10-2005
Location: Orange. NSW.
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Re: Portable 12v power packs, Jump starters


 I am using a 'Projecta 900Amp 17aH battery pack'.

 The things you need to consider are the maximum cranking current, in this case 900Amp. This is enough to crank over the xtrail, but probably not much bigger. They go as high as you can afford, with the 1200Amp being a prefered buy, but big output means bigger size. Mine fits inside the spare wheel well.

 The second consideration is the battery size. Mine is rated at 17AmpHours. Basically this means that I can run a 1Amp appliance for 17 hours. Again, you pay for having a bigger battery size here, with weight and size. I have tested my 40litre Engel fridge on it and it last 8 hours. Used in conjunction with the car battery, this will do the job for overnight trips. Just don't run both flat, invest in a multimeter or a battery gauge to keep an eye on the car battery at all times. Small investment.

 The third things is the thickness of the cables. You want thick ones, which enable to current to flow freely. Just imagine water flowing through a thin hose, very restrictive. Same principles apply to the flow of curreny.

 The forth consideration is the 12v output attached to the battery pack and whether they are fused or not. Mine are not fused, but the battery pack has its own fuse inside. Not the best setup, but it works for me. Mine also has a very bright light and an excellent voltage gauge on the front.

 I picked my unit up for $50 from a sale at Auto One. I did want the 1200Amp model, as they were only $75 but they were all sold out.

 It may pay to test it out in a controlled enviroment, to make sure it will jump start your car. Let the car battery run flat at home, then try the battery pack to be sure it will work. Some do and some don't. Just the luck of the draw. Good luck.

BRETT72 - X235

18/Feb/2007, 11:05 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message MSN
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Date Registered: 07-2004
Location: Sydney
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Re: Portable 12v power packs, Jump starters

I brought one from Super cheap auto a few months back. Cost $39. I use it as a power supply for the caravan when away from a hook-up. A full charge lasts about 2 days. (weekend).

I got onto these because I once had the dream of building an electric bike, and these are widely regarded as the cheapest source of good batteries. (Much cheaper than buying a sealed lead acid on their own).

Make sure you get the ones with the voltage meter on the front. It implies that it has charging circuitry which wont overcharge it.

I also use it as a 12V source around the house (eg. to use the 12V compressor to pump up the push bike tyres)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my Xtrails battery carked it the other day, and this battery pack paid for itself by starting the xtrail several times over a few days (without a recharge).

You can charge from 240V or even from a cigarette lighter in the 'trail - although not sure it that would fully charge it.

In summary, these $39 ones from Supercheap do everthing an xtrail will need, and I highly recommend them.

Here's the bike link. My one is exactly as shown (yellow)

Last edited by GeoffM, 19/Feb/2007, 9:04 pm

19/Feb/2007, 9:01 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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