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Date Registered: 11-2005
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driving /spot lights wiring

hi all

i've just resently bought a 2004 x trial TI
i'm looking at installing spot lights.Is the TI
prewired for these.If so is it easy to install.?Can you buy the genuine switch for the dash to turn lights on and off.Is there wiring for the switch?Any good ideas on which lights suit the car and are not to expensive

cheers phil
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: driving /spot lights wiring

Hi Phil and welcome to the forums.

Please use the search button located at the top right corner of the forum screen (just below the support link) and you will find all the answers to both your questions there.

Search words are:

reverse sensors and driving lights

Please try to search the forum before creating a new thread and if you have more than one question, try to make one post and include your inquiries in it and we (the admin team) will help you locate existing threads which will help you find the answers. All posts containing questions, would need to be posted in the FAQ section of the forum.

I will be removing these posts from the Main Chat area as soon as you're happy that you found your answers in existing threads and when you let me know that everything is OK. (you can reply here if you like)

We're here to help you find all the info. you need and make your stay in the forum enjoyable.


Please feel free to visit the Introductions section of the forum, and tell us more about yourself when you have time: Introductions

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