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Date Registered: 01-2006
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New owner

I have just bought a series 2 manual 2005 XTrail and even though only having done around 100 kms so far am more than pleased with it and have to fight with the missus to drive it. I live in Darwin and will need to tow my boat as I am a very keen fisho so that was one of my requirements I havent towed with it yet but am not anticipating any problems as boat is only 4.35 m alluminium and the tracks while being dirt are not heavy 4 wheel drive types anyway. the only thing is I am having trouble buying seat covers for it as custom made ones might be a bit hard to get up here in Darwin.
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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Re: New owner


And Welcome to the Australian X-Trail Forum.

Congrats on your new purchase. I had the same trouble as you with the missus for about the first year until I bought her another new car. So this might be an option for you. emoticon

As for seat covers, most larger auto shops like Autobarn, etc, will be able to place special orders for seat covers custom made for the exy. I had my rear seats covered about 6 months ago in a wetsuit material which you might want to consider. The wait time was about 4 weeks to be made up and freighted from down south.


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2013 Toyota Prado, Manual, Turbo Diesel - (Snorkel-K&N-Full Exhaust, 20" Low Profiles, Chrome Bullbar, HID Spots, + All the Bling!)
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