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Date Registered: 12-2005
Location: Quakers Hill, NSW
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Newbie intro

Hi All,
My name is Craig and I live in Quakers Hill Sydney. My exy is a 2005 TI-L which I purchased from my local dealer ( Lander) in December 2005 second hand with low K's.
I was planning to purchase a new run out ST but this Ti was on the lot for a good price and I got a good deal. Previous to my exy I have had 3 Patrols which were sensational and extremely capable in the rough stuff. I no longer had the need for a big truck so having previously purchased a series 1 ST for my ex decided that an exy for myself was the go. I must say that the series II is a great improvement over the series 1 particularly re the A/C and interior materials and the Ti makes it even better - so smooth and quiet. The exy's are good performers especially up around 5,000 RPM when they really get going. Perhaps I am over rating the exy performance but coming from a diesel Patrol it seems like a nimble racing car !!.

My modifications so far are;
New stereo head unit with connection to my I-Pod - Clarion ( from my Patrol)
GME TX 3200 UHF CB with on glass aerial
Disable of the annoying chime when drivers door is open and key in ignition.
Nokia Bluetooth car kit which I got working with my Sony Ericsson phone

My next planned mods will be ;
K&N filter and Iridium plugs
and that's about it as i am more than happy with the car as it comes.

2005 Series II Ti-L, Manual
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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Re: Newbie intro

Hi Craig,

And Welcome to the Australian X-trail Forum.

If you think the exy has heaps of power at 5000RPM, just wait until you get a K&N air filter. Honestly you'll think you've just converted your exy to a 6cyl vehicle, emoticon

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Member ID: X-072 (Retired Administrator)
2003 X-trail, TI, Manual, (Series 1) - (with the works)
2013 Toyota Prado, Manual, Turbo Diesel - (Snorkel-K&N-Full Exhaust, 20" Low Profiles, Chrome Bullbar, HID Spots, + All the Bling!)
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