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Date Registered: 07-2005
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XTrail vs F111 (my intro)

Since I can't fly my beloved F-111s anymore, (ain't ageing a bugger!) I have to resort to doing some low flying in my TI truck. But that's why I chose it. It's got the flexibility to carry the 6 metre planks/pipes and haul trailer loads of bricks/pavers I'm using to fix the house that I neglected while I was busy scaring the hell out of low flying birds. The other attribute I needed, was the ability to fold the rear seats completely flat to handle the stuff I didn't shove on the roof racks. It also permits me to throw a sleeping bag in it and take off to Carnarvon Gorge (I'm in Brisbane) or other places I missed putting my cross-hairs on. I've asked a lot of the truck but I've recently rewarded it with a long weekend to Bunya Mountains while I took a sip of the local wines.

To ease my pain in navigating, I installed a Garmin StreetPilot 2610 GPS moving map. It is ideal for the XTrail - fits neatly into the glove box in front of the driver and plugs into the lighter outlet there. There is a thread elsewhere on this site discussing GPS fitment and another thread discussing fitting another speedo - Not necessary, as the GPS provides the ACCURATE speed on the moving map (my speedo over-reads by 4kph) right in your line of sight (and a record of your maximum speed if the fuzz want to dispute you).

I'm a very keen skier and heading for the snow in August, unfortunately I can't take the XTrail because I will be continuing the journey via Melbourne and Adelaide (detours as required for vineyards and golf courses)then jump on the Ghan to Darwin and return to Brisbane, the hastle is that the only berth on the train for a vehicle on my departure dates is the lower deck and that is limited to a height of 158cm. So my wife's sedan will take the pounding that the XTrail should have found a piece of cake. Oh well, there's still the other side of Oz to see in the XTrail.

By the way, I still haven't found the XTrails afterburner switch.

Regards to all and thanks to those who have responded about the CD problem (I'll ask about the smoking front brakes later - hey, maybe that's the XTrail's afterburner!!!)

Peter M.
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Date Registered: 02-2004
Location: Panania, Sydney
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Re: XTrail vs F111 (my intro)

Hi Peter and welcome to the forums...

It looks like you've already settled in and replied to some other threads (although I haven't come across your name in any of the ones I've read, yet!)

What a pity you couldn't take the X-Trail for the big trip (instead of your wife's wagon) as it would've been an interesting read of how it went in the real "outback"... Not to say I'm not looking forward to hearing of your travels upon your return, as it would still be an interesting read (and you could recommend some places for others to give a go in their X-Trail that you might not have managed in the wagon!)

Rich. X-013(c)
'04 S2 ST Auto. Nudge_roofracks_tow_tints_Lightforce_GME_YokoGeoA/T-S_TBS_bashplate_50mm-spacer-lift
Click here to see >300MB of photos and videos All For His Glory.
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