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Date Registered: 04-2006
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posticon ** WARNING - Newbie Alert !! **

OK guys, I am picking up my brand spanking new 2006 Ti-L 40th Anniversary Edition on Thursday afternoon. Yes, I am excited!
I've never been 4WD and want to learn the basics. Like, what pressure do I drop my tyres for beach-driving? What is the best value piece of equipment for re-inflating them? etc etc... Also, do any of you have a recommendation for a good newbie's off-road course in Perth? I'd like to take it out for a spin (nothing too heavy of course)... emoticon
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Date Registered: 12-2004
Location: Mount Isa, QLD
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Re: ** WARNING - Newbie Alert !! **

Hi Shierm,

And Welcome to the Australian X-Trail forums.

Congrats on your new arrival. If you have never been four wheel driving before can I advise that you get yourself into a 4x4 course so you can learn the basics from the pros. This will protect you and your new exy.

You will find almost everthing you can think of about the X-Trail here. I suggest you use the search feature of the forum first before posting any questions, as your query may have been discussed before. If you have any problems please dont hesitate to ask us for help.

We encourage all members to contribute and send a few photos for the Members Database, details can be found HERE


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Member ID: X-072 (Retired Administrator)
2003 X-trail, TI, Manual, (Series 1) - (with the works)
2013 Toyota Prado, Manual, Turbo Diesel - (Snorkel-K&N-Full Exhaust, 20" Low Profiles, Chrome Bullbar, HID Spots, + All the Bling!)
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