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Date Registered: 07-2005
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Another another Brisvegas Xtrailer

I'm from Brisbane. I bought my shiny black series II ST Xtrail manual in Aug 04, and have done 24000ks. My exy has a Nissan nudge bar, spot lights and fog lights.

I have had a number of 4wd's over the years, started in a vw bug, then a subaru, petrol landcruiser (9 years) and most recently sold a diesel patrol which I had for 11 years to purchase the xtrail.

I have done a lot of touring around Australia (mainly in the Patrol) but it is a difficult vehicle to live with in the city - have you ever tried to park a Patrol in an average shopping centre carpark, plus it was getting past its prime, so I downsized to the exy. My two kids are past going out with their parents, so the downsizing decision was easy.

So far, I'm rapt in the Xtrail. Handled everything on a trip from Bris to Eden, and another trip from Bris to Carnarvon Gorge (central Qld). Great handling, great fuel economy, great acceleration - especially compared to a 3 tonne diesel patrol.

This is a great site guys,
Big Ted
13/Jul/2005, 10:44 pm Link to this post  


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