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Date Registered: 10-2005
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posticon Mostly happy with X-Trail

G'day fellow X-trailers. This is my first entry for this forum. It's amazing what you'll find when you start trawling on the internet. I bought my X-trail (manual ST) in late January last year & all-in-all I'm pretty well pleased with it. The little niggly problems I've experienced since day one are a woefully notchy gear change, especially when the gearbox is cold with 1st to 2nd & 2nd to 3rd shifts being very stiff until the gearbox warms up even then it's still a bit notchy. 3rd to 4th & 4th to 5th are fine, even when cold. The electronically operated throttle seems to stay open for a couple of seconds after I've taken my foot off the accelerator pedal, which helps to make for a slow gear change as well. The ride is quite harsh, with a fair amount of crashing & jarring & noise over even small bumps & holes. I've read a couple of reports of the X-trail's "plush" ride as being one of it's strong points. Has anyone else experienced these sorts of problems or am I being too picky?
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: Mostly happy with X-Trail

Hi Timorsea and welcome to the forums.

I can't really comment on the Manual transmission, as I drive an Auto, but I've been reading similar comments from other xtrail owners driving a Manual.

As for the harsh ride, I suspect the dealer put too much pressure in your tyres, so try running them between 29-34psi (I suspect you have 38psi in there)

When I had 15" Toyos on my ST I used to run on 29-30psi and the ride was very smooth.

Enjoy your stay on the forum and please give the Admin Team a yell if you need any help locating information.

When you have time, please update your profile with your location (city is fine) and if you wish to set-up a personal profile page, please email us some photos and we'll include them for you on the ]Members Page

]HERE is some additional information which would help us set-up a profile for you in the members database.

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