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Date Registered: 01-2006
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Does anyone know if there is a set of seat covers out there available off the shelf that fit the front and rear seats and also allow for the armrest to be placed down or up as required and if so a rough price and also the same for for mats. Up here in Darwin we have all the main stores allthough some of the lines are probably not as big as down south.
I must admit as a new owner I am really looking forward to driving this car as after 40 odd years it is mine and my wifes first ever brand new car.
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Date Registered: 10-2005
Location: Orange. NSW.
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Re: accessories

I have been in constant contact with Shane, from 'Michelle Sacs', regarding the issue of seat covers for the exee.
 If you have not heard of this company, they do everything from custom seat covers, to radiator blinds, and basically anything canvass.

 Thier range of seat covers are cotton/wool inside so it doesn't damage to original seat and a more sturdier cotton/canvas cover. Waterproof and generally child proof also.

 They have finally got around to developing the seat covers for the entire XTrail range, front and back seats included. However, they can't give a price until the design has been through the 'pattern' system.

 I will update this thread when I hear back from them. I have been told that mid March is a rough date.

BRETT72 - X235

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