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Date Registered: 06-2017
Location: Canberra, ACT
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Re: Dual Batteries

DONE emoticon

The ALDI battery was only 38Ah but I think that should be enough, and it fit perfectly into the spare wheel well hole in the Styrofoam with no cutting. Just had to cut a channel in the Styrofoam large enough to run the cables in, and ran the ground cable to a bolt near the rear seat bracket.

Ran the +ve cable from the VSR in the engine bay through the "glove box grommet" mentioned plenty of times here (and the CB coax while I was there too) and through the existing plastic clips in the side channel carrying the factory wiring, under the back seat and around into the rear wheel well. All much easier than I expected it to be!

CFX40 Fridge was down to 3 Deg in less than an hour.

Only thing I'm worried about is the LED on the VSR seems to be on all the time, however I know voltage is being switched because I started the car whilst testing the air compressor off the rear battery, and the compressor 'picked up a gear', meaning the voltage certainly increased when I started the car = VSR must have switched in! emoticon

....and would like to make some straps to hold it down. For now the floor on top of it will have to do, and I don't envisage bouncing this little thing over huge rocks. emoticon

And this weekend before I went out to McIntyres Hut for a drive, I replaced the 'inline' Merit socket on the end of a wire (in the top photo) with two Merit/Hella sockets mounted in the left panel. Easy to get to by pulling the left styrofoam compartment out.

Fridge and compressor all working fine.

Would also like to test the emergency over-ride option but don't really want to flatten the main battery to do that, as it could damage it ...whenever you run a lead acid battery flat it's not good for it. Maybe disconnect it all together and try starting off the second battery alone?

Last edited by Wiz Au, 28/Oct/2017, 10:55 pm

2004 T30 series II, Ti (now sold)
JRR50 Pathfinder, QD32ETi Turbo Diesel, with 'lots o fruit'.
2012 Jeep Cherokee KK CRD Limited is current ride.
Will be looking for a white or silver 2011-2013 T31 TL (Diesel) to "pimp out".
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