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Date Registered: 08-2017
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once again, Cam and Crank sensor issue, need help before my daughter gets killed in this car

hi fellow members,

I have the 2003 T30 x-trail TI. I have just had the engine redone, new head gasket,full head reco, all timing chains etc etc, and double and triple checked chain position etc. Replaced both cam and crank sensors as was getting the error codes, and then cleared the codes.

The car now drives a few days, smooth as silk, completely 100% like when it was [sign in to see URL] every few days, driving along, it just cuts out and again throws the cam and crank sensor error [sign in to see URL] starts up again straight away and drives on as if nothing happenned, but now has the code each [sign in to see URL] clear them, and get another week or so driving before it happens again.

I have brand new nissan OEM genuine sensors in the [sign in to see URL] somebody found an issue with the new sensors being sold in places like ebay ?

I have a feeling the car is throwing the code at a particular rev range, so will be driving it myself for a while to try and replicate it again, but since this is such a generic issue world wide, can somebody please advise what else could be doing this? could it be bad connectors in the harness? a hairline break or dry joint somewhere between the sensors and ECU ???? it is just downright dangerous for my 17 year old daughter to keep driving [sign in to see URL] someone at nissan has recognised this as a generic fault by now?? must be a paper on it somewhere ???? HELP PLEASE TEAM !!!!
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Date Registered: 04-2011
Location: Brisbane
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Re: once again, Cam and Crank sensor issue, need help before my daughter gets killed in this car

Let me add my story to the list and see if we can highlight any similarities.

Mine intermittently goes into limp mode too. It can be up to 6months between bouts and then it will wig out sometimes only once, sometimes 2-3 times a day for a week then be good again for months.
It doesn't log codes for the sensors anymore either, just throws the check engine light goes to limp mode. I cant pinpoint the exact conditions that make it happen and i'm not able to force it to happen either.
Three situations have lined up with the fault more often though.

-It goes into limp when getting back on the throttle after downshifting and using the engine to slow me through a corner
-Cruising down the highway holding constant light throttle for longer than 20mins
-There was also a period of about 3 weeks last year when every time I set speed with the Cruise Control it would instantly throw the engine light and go limp. No new codes or codes at all then either.

I can generally clutch in, turn off the key and then turn it back on and let it clutch it's self back to life and keep on going with little worry but very occasionally it goes into limp mode at the lights and you have to restart it or crawl round the corner at walking pace and then do the manual hard reset of the computer with the key and pumping the pedal.

Because it won't hold codes or even keep the engine light on most places think i'm making it up.

I had a wild idea last year when the cruise was playing games that it may have been related to the drive by wire, not the cam sensors.
Either dirty potentiometer in the pedal or a bad solder joint in the aftermarket cruise wiring that was shoved up under the dash like an electronic rats nest. (Nissan tells me all T30's had cruise fitted here at the port even if optioned)
So I pulled it all down and re-soldered every connection into the factory loom. I also found details online of how to disassemble, clean and re-initiate the throttle pedal but thought I'd do one job at a time so I could pin point the fault if it was Cruise or Pedal.
Well re-soldering got me from August 2017 until January 2018 without issue and I dared to hope it was fixed.
Then it died last night, which is why i'm back here reading through all the posts again before I attempt to clean the Throttle Pedal switches this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Heres a link to the Throttle Position Sensor Cleaning guide for those interested. I only have printouts of the relearn procedure though sorry.
[url][sign in to see URL]

2003 ST, manual
12/Jan/2018, 10:52 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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