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Date Registered: 01-2018
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Why does no-one tell you this?

Hi all,
I just moved on from a 2010 TSI diesel xtrail to a brand new (purchased last week) 2017 T32 series 2 xtrail ST-L.
I have discovered what I find very strange in a current technologically advanced car that none of the xtrail models have voice recognition. The manual says if equipped. Yet it seems none of the aus models have this. So basically no hands free operation. This tech has been around for ages. The button on the steering wheel is very misleading. If I had know about this it provably would have been a dealbreaker.

Another note the nav unit (has sat nav) just has a software number without a date. I wanted to ensure ut had the lastest map (which should have been 2016 -going off their free map upgrades last year) yet a friends street (4years old) was not found. Can anyone who had the 2016 upgrade tell me what their software info number/edition is. Or how can I find out what edition map is i stalled in my car?
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